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Zombies Runaway Zombies Runaway

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Overall it's a cool game, with nice soundtrack. The controls are a little odd though - the jumping doesn't "feel" good since it's not button-press sensitive (i.e. you can't control the height of the jump by pressing the jump button with various force) as it's in the other platformers.

I also found a bug of sorts - I seem to be unable to continue past level 20 - the "exit" door doesn't work.

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The Lance! The Lance!

Rated 4 / 5 stars

A nice game.

So yeah, pretty nice and addictive game, with nice graphics and sound. However, when you grasp the game-play mechanics the game ceases to be challenging, and if you go for the horse medal - the grinding becomes boring, as there is no real difficulty so it eventually becomes a test of patience/lack of better things to do with your time.

Here are some tips to ease the grinding process:

1. Polearms aren't important; neither are the mounts, so don't waste money on them - I just beaten the champ with the basic pole, so trust me on this one.

2. Invest your money in armor instead, and even then - there are only a few items you are aspiring to get if you try to get the horse medal - the Tin Flex helmet, the Medallion shield and the Cross Contempt armor. DO NOT BUY ANY HELMETS OR SHIELDS UNTIL YOU CAN AFFORD THESE! It's a waste of money. As for armor - I'll leave it to your discretion - if you want to beat the boss quickly and don't care for the medals - buy yourself a transitional armor (Gloomy Indigo would do fine). If you do - wait till you can afford the Cross, then buy it (there's no chance you'd beat the second boss with your basic armor on though).

3. Oh, yeah - it's perfectly possible to beat the boss during the second generation already, but you need to be precise and consistent - as all his armor is equally powerful, choose one and stick to it - personally I find the head easier to hit, but you need to hit this bit of armor continuously with every run. Don't miss, don't hit the shield or the horse. The AI distributes its damage over you quite widely, so you can expect that he wouldn't hit you at the same spot more than twice in a row - that fact should be enough for you to prevail.

4. Here's the most effective way to grind money that I've found - locate the weakest bit of armor, then hit it till it's one hit away from collapsing. Then switch the other part until your own armor drops to a critical low, then it's time for you to deliver the killing blow, lest you perish.

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Cairn Cairn

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice one

A nice game overall. Love the feel, the graphical design and the way the "story" was written and delivered. Loved the music as well.

As a slight digression from previous reviews though, I've found the puzzles a little more random than clever - trying to figure out what are you expected to do was the most time consuming task; once you've got it though, it became a matter of seconds to solve them. It's not a bad thing, on the contrary actually, as it required nothing more than common sense as a mean to each solution - no some cheaply hidden items that you can only find by clicking every spot on your screen, no riddles that require a Ph.D of sorts, just a normally functioning brain. It's something a lot of the puzzles I've played lately on this sight are lacking in, and for that I salute you.

Herukhel, the stick riddle is quite straight forward. Don't get frustrated too soon. Here's a tip (WARNING - SPOILERS AHEAD):

One of the pipes is missing a part. Find that part, then find a way to tow it to the broken pipe.

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aampere responds:

One of the greatest criticisms I've had is "GUHH, I can't tell what I'm supposed to do right off the bat!"
And I'm like... that's the point dummy ;)
Good to see you "get it," haha...

Last Line of Defence Last Line of Defence

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

It's good, but...

...I think some weapon adjustments are due. As of now, most of the weapons are quite useless, especially when taking their high prices into consideration - the sniper rifle is too slow, the grenade launcher is ridiculously weak; I've never used the rest apart from the machine guns, once I was able to purchase each one of them. You should've gone for fewer weapons that get more rewarding as their price goes up.

Same goes for the ammunition: the cryo bullets were the most useful ones (and therefore should be more expensive), the rest were kinda useless (especially the weak incendiaries). The power-ups should be reviewed as well - I think that health regen and the shield should be upgradable (and expensive) and constant, since they don't really live up to their purpose.

A great game though. Could use a story, but frankly it is sufficiently enjoyable as it is.

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Upgrade Complete 2 Upgrade Complete 2

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Just speechless. Was laughing so hard for the whole duration of it.

You get the LAGtastic medal by making your computer... lag.
Turn indie and 3D modes on and put the quality on max.

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Arm of Revenge Arm of Revenge

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Not too bad

It's very stylish and fluid and I like the overall manga-madness feel with all the uber-powerful, ground shaking hits and tosses you can perform as you advance. I also liked that it's not a standard button-mashing beat 'em up and demands a certain strategic approach to it.

1. It's the second game you have a BOY as a protagonist, which kinda makes me worry...

2. I understand that a beat 'em up can do without a plot, but the plot of this particular game made me giggle tremendously - a cyborg sent out to avenge the death of his parents (which kinda makes no sense - all throughout it's implied that the protagonist was manufactured, then all of a sudden - he has parents?) while wiping out a gang that was responsible to it, ultimately to be hailed as a superhero... what a horrible pile of cliches. Also, the dude's superhero name becomes "The Steel Boy"? Couldn't have come up with something more creative and/or badass?

3. Some things about that game make me wonder if it was designed to be played by humans at all. "Reach level 300 in survival mode" or "get rank S in all stages in expert mode" for example.

4. The most difficult part of the game is in the AI of the enemies and your vulnerability - there were far too many occurences when I literally couldn't evade or even rise to my feet, because some enemies began their attack right while I was getting up, without me being able to counter or defend it. It could have been better if the get-up had an invincibility state (just like the back kick has), or you could get up with an attack like in Soul Calibur and many other fighting games.

5. From a certain point in the game you don't get to keep your energy you've saved from a previous round, something that looks like a glitch to me.


I. For those that bicker about certain enemies being able to break out of a combo - maybe a ground combo isn't the best solution? Throw a quick 3-strike combo, end it with an uppercut - then jump and kick the hell out of the enemy while airborne. You can use the Rising Dragon to keep him up in the air for longer, and it's always advised to end up with an Aerolite Fall to clear up the ground below you.

II. The gun is of an imense value - shoot at your enemies while keeping distance is your safest source of free energy - a fully upgraded gun can get you as much as three batteries worth of energy, and even manage to kill the weaker minions while at it. Best shooting spots - behind and undestructible crate, or when the opponent is on an elevated ground and you're crouching.

III. As you've noticed - English isn't the strongest part of the author of the game, so you don't have to BEAT the game on hard to be able to fully upgrade your fist and gun, only UNLOCK it (that is to beat the game on normal).

IV. Some boss tips - the fatty wears himself out almost after every attack - and it's the best time to unleash your best combo, but you must learn the timing of his combo-breaking punch strike after he gets knocked down on his ass and be ready with a block/evasion. The second boss - just keep the distance, wait for him to run to you, jump over him and then have your wickedest attack from behind. The robot one is a bitch to handle, but he gets much easier when in berserk mode - in his normal form, you'd randomly be damaged simply by standing in front of him, but not when he's in berzerk, so simply stand in front of him, block when he attacks in a downward motion, and roll to his behind when he's shooting. The last boss - the best way to handle him is to come into battle with considerable ammount of exp - 11000 will do on Normal mode, and just spam the super sonic punch at him (if you're on easy mode - three "doom" strikes and he's goner in his second form).

V. The super-sonic strike is your friend - not the rising dragon (the strongest enemies/bosses can't get airborne) and not the doom (ineffective against a boss with his minions present, but good to clear the screen up). Unleash a super-sonic when the boss and the minions are in close vicinity to each other for best results.

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K.O.L.M. K.O.L.M.

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great game

A lot like (...and I won't say Metroid) "Robot wants Kitty/Puppy/Fishy" series, only darker. Very well executed - from styling to the music to the tiny little details like dimmed vision without eyes and camera screen displays. Just awesome.

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Armed with Wings 3 Armed with Wings 3

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

At effing last!

That might be THE franchise I was looking forward to see more of it, except Madness - and it was totally worth the wait.

Extraordinarily sleek animation with a wide array of upgradable moves to go with, an intriguing concept - this might easily be the best slasher to be hosted on this site...with a few drawbacks though:

Personally, I'd rather it to be as the first game in the series - half slasher, half puzzler; in this game we've seen the comeback of the Wings, but no true need of them. The slasher-puzzler combo is what made the franchise so fine in the first place, too bad it was discarded at the subsequent chapters.

Furthermore and as said below - the game is a little too easy and relies too much on button mashing rather than some sort of strategy (you can get through the bosses without bothering to dodge too much, for example, so the final boss is not that much harder than the first one in this respect). It's also extremely short - something I can understand given the game's massive detail and a high resultant memory consumption, but still.

The game is still fabulous though, had a very good time playing it.

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Strange New World Strange New World

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Very nice

As seemingly everybody else, I enjoyed the story telling aspect (especially the ending) - it was a very nice tough, dare I say a revival, to an otherwise bland genre of games.

I also enjoyed the fact this one wasn't as "nitpicky" as the other spot-the-change games I've somehow ended playing, to solve which you might need a microscope to find a different placement of a tiny dot. On this one every difference is fair and notable, so every delay in a solution could be only put up against lack of attention and not a ludicrous design, which is great. With all that been said, I found the game a little to easy due to the constant reocurrence of the differences - missing bars in the fencing, missing butttons/belts on the captain, missing facial features etc.

But overall - it's a very good game, a good testimony to its greatness is the rightful daily feature (I think it's the first spot-the-difference game to be honored like that), and I'd definitely check out the sequel, if planned.

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Canabalt Canabalt

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Nice little game

A very cool concept, a little too bad it wasn't going anywhere from what I've gathered (i.e there's no end to the game), but a sweet time killer nonetheless. The music is stunning indeed.